Symbiotic Awareness is being connected to your inner voice while continuing to adopt a worldview.  Our ability to balance out these multiple viewpoints is imperative to our flourishing as individuals and flourishing on this planet.

With so many issues all across the board, Symbiotic Awareness helps us to sift and sort these issues in ways that help not only ourselves, but others too.  This awareness is especially helpful in relationships, finances, spirituality, social change, lifestyle, health, and much more.  It is learning to educate yourself on related and unrelated topics to better yourself, but then also in such a way that betters the people around you.

You must learn to fully trust yourself to walk in this power completely.  It is a learning process that happens exactly the way you need it to happen.  It is a conversation between you and your inner voice or God.  Nobody can tell you how this is going to happen or end up, except to get in tune with that voice and listen!

My struggle in life came down to trusting myself 100%.  Something I had never been able to do except when I was super excited or super pissed. I’m still on this journey of learning to feel what I want and then understand how to walk forward with that.  But I want to start helping other women who are like me and dealing with similar issues as I am.

So I will be sharing resources, tools, education, and more in hopes to help you along your journey and connect with more like-minded people for support and acknowledgement that we are not alone!

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