Introduction to this blog series on abuse

After years of studying abuse, both personal, and systemic (cultural/social justice), I began realizing how much a part of my life it is.  It took me years of experiencing painful relationships with other people to finally get it.  Abuse is everywhere.  It is the reason why there are so many social justice groups, activists, and advocates.

Domestic Violence Image Symbiotic Awareness
Domestic Violence

Where most of us pick a particular pain point, such as domestic violence, animal welfare, or environmental welfare, I started seeing the common thread of abuse running through all of them.  Not only the causes these groups fight for, but also within these groups, or one group against another.  A common one being the gender fights that go on all the time in social media, such as “not all men,” and the groups that have arisen against and in response to feminism.

For me, I was often the odd woman out.  I never quite fit into any one group because I could see issues on both sides as well as points well-made on both sides.  Naturally, I am a diplomat and like to see people getting along and working together. However, I tend to draw a hard line at abuse.

But I’ve become a lot more realistic with diplomacy in recent years, realizing that our culture is under so much abuse, it is difficult to get people to work together when everything is a trigger.  I could go deeper into why we are triggered so much, and how mass media pits us against one another, but that is for another post.

For now, what I find important is that we all start learning just what abuse is, what it isn’t, and how it affects us personally and socially.  For some, abuse is a normal part of life and that shouldn’t be. I realize there are many people out there that have no idea they’re treatment towards other people is abusive.

Image of cycle of abuse diagram
Cycle of Abuse – courtesy of

Or, some people can recognize abuse between other people, but not in their own relationships, whether they are the instigator or the victim.  And, there are many relationships where both people, or all parties are abusive.

This blog series aims to start exposing the traits of domestic abuse, systemic abuse, abusive attitudes, narcissism and other topics that will arise which are related to abuse.  This is a key piece to Symbiotic Awareness, since part of self and social awareness is dealing with the dark side of life.

I’m also still searching for answers on how we can heal as individuals and our communities when everyone is so at-arms with each other.  In my years of personal research, personal experience, as well as college studies, I still don’t feel 100% qualified in writing about these subjects.

However, I feel by exploring them here, and getting valuable insight from readers, would benefit helping all of us get on the same page, gain more understanding, and perhaps finding ways to make a bigger dent in these issues we share.

I hope you will find benefit in reading my blogs, and please feel free to comment or write to me, any questions, concerns, or corrections you may have.